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Printing can be fun, but there’s no better way to get printouts than through your smartphone.

Here are 10 print clips that will make you smile every time.1.

“This is a beautiful clip art, this is so nice to print.

It’s from a movie I watched and it’s really cool.”2.

“You can use this clip art to make your own printouts.”3.

“I used this clip to make a little art printout for a friend.”4.

“When I’m on the move, I like to draw a little clip art so I can get a great photo of my friends when they’re on vacation.”5.

“Here’s a little printout from my favorite movie, ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens.’

I just love this movie and I want to get my friends to see it too.”6.

“My friends and I made this printout that I was making for them to share with their families.”7.

“We were making this print out to use on our vacation.

We had a family trip coming up so I wanted to make this to share it with them.”8.

“The way I use these clips to make my prints is I just print them out and let them dry.

Then I’ll add some kind of decorative piece that’s sort of like a frame to them so they look nice and cool when they are being framed.”9.

“A friend and I got this great idea to make some cute prints to make fun of the fact that they all wear matching outfits.

It was very cool.”10.

“These are print outs from a Disney movie.

We made a cute printout of this adorable little guy.”

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