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Apple announced a new 3D printer and Apple TV at its WWDC keynote on Monday, but the company didn’t go into much detail about what it can do with the machine.

The new display will feature three layers of glass: the first being the LCD, which is a 2.8-inch screen with a resolution of 2,280 x 1,920 pixels; the second being a layer of a liquid crystal display, which Apple calls a liquid-crystal-imaging display, or LCD; and the third being a backlight layer, or OLED.

Apple says the display will also have “an integrated Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, and other connectivity options.”

The display, however, won’t have any built-in 3D imaging technology.

Instead, the company says it will add support for 3D-based content via an “artificial intelligence,” which the company refers to as “the next-generation display technology.”

The new 3d printer will have an Apple TV remote, allowing users to control the display remotely.

Apple is also working on a new “remote hub” that will allow for “remotely-enabled” control of the 3D screen, allowing for “the ultimate immersive experience” with the new 3DS remote.

Apple isn’t revealing any more details about the remote hub or the new display, though.

Apple also unveiled a “virtual reality headset” that, in a demo, allowed users to walk around a virtual environment, and was able to track where they were looking and interact with objects.

The demo also demonstrated how to make objects rotate in a virtual space, and how to create objects from 3D scans.

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