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By KENNETH ROSEThe Washington Times, June 24, 2016 10:04:561 -0.1k https://thetimes.com/2016/06/24/world/3d-printed-gun-and-cvs-paper-in-print/article40792983.ece/7ea5a/AUTOCROP/h342/shutterstock.jpgA 3D-printed gun is seen in this illustration taken in Hong Kong, Hong Kong July 4, 2016.

The gun was created by an employee of CVS Pharmacy in the United States, according to a company spokesman.

Reuters/Robert GalbraithA CVS pharmacy employee created an AR-15-style rifle for sale online and has been making the firearm for about two years.

The U.S. company has been manufacturing the AR-style AR-platform rifle since 2014.

A U.K.-based company called B&r Systems also makes a similar gun.

The CVS store in Santa Fe, New Mexico, that makes the rifle is known as CVS Gun Works.

The rifle is part of a line of firearms that is designed to fire high-powered rounds at targets up to 1,000 feet (300 meters) away.

CVS sells about 1.5 million AR-type firearms a year, according the company website.

Its main competitors are military-style firearms made by Smith & Gawith, a division of U.R.I.I., a German firearms company.

C&amp)rss sells a line called the Sig Sauer MCX, which shoots 5.56mm rounds, the same round used in the AR rifles.

The Sig S.A. also has a smaller-caliber model called the MCX.

Smith &amp: Gawith and C&rss are the only companies that sell a firearm that fires high-velocity cartridges.

The other major player in the market is C&r.

The company’s new firearm, which it has called the AR, is being called the “world’s first” and it is being manufactured by a company in the U.T. of Australia.CVS said in a news release on Thursday that it will have its own website for customers to buy the firearm.

The website said the AR was created in the USA and will be shipped to the U, T. It said it will sell the AR in Australia and the United Kingdom.

It said that it has not yet received any orders from customers.

It will have about 500 units available for sale at retailers and online stores, the company said.

The AR will be offered for sale in Australia by C&rg.rss in May.

C&rs, a subsidiary of British pharmaceutical giant BAE Systems, was founded in 1992.

In 2015, it sold C& rst.

It has about 10,000 employees worldwide, the U-T reported.

The AR-1, as the rifle in the company’s logo is called, has a barrel length of about 4.8 inches (13.6 centimeters), a magazine capacity of about 12 rounds and a rate of fire of about 500 rounds per minute.

It was designed for shooting down targets up for a distance of more than 1,400 feet (400 meters).

The weapon has a trigger that fires in about 10 seconds.

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