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3D printed homes are popping to the forefront of local property developers’ minds.

A report commissioned by Melbourne-based developer, Tristan Dyer and published by the ABC, found that 3D print houses had been popping up around Australia in the past year.

“It’s a trend, it’s been going on for a long time,” Mr Dyer said.

“In fact, there’s been a couple of places where you could see houses being built and being installed and the homes being opened in just the last year or so.”

But it’s only been in Melbourne that we’ve seen it happen here in Perth.

“Mr Dyer’s Tristan Homes project has two homes, a three-bedroom house, and a three bedroom townhouse, which are 3D-printed at the company’s facility.”

The concept is you have the house, it has a roof, a deck, and you have a living area,” Mr Mudd said.”[The house] just sits in the middle of the property, so you can’t drive it, so there’s not much [access to] the street.

“There’s a small garden area and a shed that’s also 3D scanned, which means you can put in your own furniture, or you can have it sitting there and you can create a kitchen.”

Mr Mudd also said Tristan would be able to design houses using the same design process, allowing it to create houses for a range of price points.

“You can design a house to suit any budget, you can design the house to be as close to your lifestyle as you like, you don’t have to make a big investment,” he said.

Mr Dyers project has now been in operation for about three years, with the first homes being built at the Melbourne property he owns.

“We’ve had two homes completed in the last three months,” Mr Loe said.

“One of the houses is for my wife and her family, the other house is for myself and my son.”

Mr Loe’s daughter has also been enrolled in Tristan’s 3D printer program, with her parents helping to build the house in his own garage.

He said he’d like to have a house built for his daughter’s family as well.

“I’d love to have it built as soon as I can, I really would,” he told ABC Perth.

Mr Duthys project has also led to another three homes being completed in his Perth property.

The Tristan Housing Project has been a success, Mr Duthy said.

“We’ve seen a lot of interest from people wanting to build their own homes, or looking to buy a house,” he explained.

“Our clients are really pleased with the results.”

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