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Amazon is making it easier for people to buy books online and in print.

The Seattle-based online retail giant announced today that it will make it easier than ever to get your books to customers using its Amazon Prime service, which lets you get a printed copy of your favorite books for as little as $10 a month.

You can start your own Amazon Prime membership today at the company’s website or by visiting the service’s app, which will give you access to an online store and a mobile website.

To join, just register at a new page for the service, then click on the “Join Now” button on the top left of your homepage.

Amazon Prime members can buy books through the service for $10 per month and can also add items like audiobooks and games.

Prime members get a free Amazon Kindle device, too.

Amazon Prime is available to Prime members in the U.S., the U and parts of Canada and the European Union.

The service, launched in December 2016, lets you pay $99 per year for unlimited access to books on Amazon.com, a service that’s similar to Apple’s iBookstore and Barnes & Noble’s digital bookstore.

Amazon said today that the service offers a free Kindle device for every Amazon Prime member.

To sign up for the Prime service today, click on “Prime” in the Amazon app, or you can sign up at the top of your page and then “Sign Up for Amazon Prime.”

To see how much your membership costs, visit the Amazon site to learn more about Prime membership.

Amazon is also introducing a free printable copy of each book it makes available to all Amazon Prime subscribers at no extra charge.

To see the printable version of your book, you can click on a “Printed Copy” button in the bottom right corner of the page.

To see the Amazon Kindle version, click the “Kindle” icon on the bottom left.

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