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When Hollywood and the state of California were planning to make a 3D printing gun, it was a controversial project.

A state law that would have allowed for the manufacturing and sale of a firearm based on a “medical necessity” had been passed in the past year.

While it was not a new concept, a 3-D printed firearm was the “next logical step,” according to Adam Eidinger, a professor of civil engineering at Purdue University.

Eidingers team, led by Purdue professor of mechanical engineering and computer science Daniel Karp, is working to create a 3d printed pistol, which they hope will allow them to shoot guns that are “much more powerful, much more accurate, much better than anything that we can make today,” according the Purdue website.

They have already completed a prototype and are currently working on the next step.

The team says that it can produce “guns that are more than 200 times as powerful as a real gun,” and that “a real gun is more than 50 times as accurate.”

They are also working to make guns with a “greater than 100% success rate of fire” using 3D printers.

In order to make the guns, Eidingering and his team will need to build and test all of the components required to create them.

“There are some challenges to be overcome,” he said.

“First, there’s the printing of the parts, and that’s a little challenging because you have to cut out and cut out parts of the 3D print.

You also have to do a lot of assembly and assembly of the gun itself.”

The team also has to find the materials to make those parts, which means they will have to use more materials than is currently in the market.

“The printing itself can take up to 10 hours,” said Eidingermans co-founder, Paul Clements.

“You’re going to have to spend a lot more time on that than you would a real firearm.”

The manufacturing process is much easier than for traditional firearms.

Clements said that it takes about two weeks to build the gun, which costs around $50,000.

The gun is also made from ABS plastic, which Eidingerters team says is “light weight, robust, and recyclable.”

They have plans to eventually start mass producing the guns and sell them to law enforcement agencies, which would also help make the technology more accessible.

While Eidingerementer and Karp are working to build a gun that is “a lot more powerful,” the “cinemas of the tomorrow” are still in the works.

3D printer technology is already available to make firearms, but many companies don’t use it in the way they are used in the entertainment industry, according to Eidingercs team.

“We’re not trying to make something that we want to make for movies, but we’re not going to make it for Hollywood,” said Clements, who added that his team is working on ways to make 3D prints in a more sustainable way.

“Our goal is to make this technology more affordable, less environmentally harmful, and more practical and practical.”

Eidingerman and Karrp are hoping to start selling the guns to law enforcees by the end of the year.

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