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By Alex Linder and Sarah MertzThe Sport Bible has posted a new piece on its website explaining the history of the printing press, and it seems the printing presses we’ve come to expect from the book are actually a lot more than the standard models we’ve seen in the movie and from the TV series.

The article begins by pointing out that the printing process in the Bible’s world is still in its infancy, and even as we look at the printing technology in the world today, we’re still far from being able to reproduce it exactly.

“As of today, most of the physical things we see in the printed word are far too small and fragile to produce a physical copy of,” it reads.

“For the next 50 years, we are likely to see even less and less printing press and far more and more mass production of paper, ink, and plastic.”

So it goes on to note that the Bible uses a variety of methods to produce its text, including the “standard” printing process, the printing of a book of 100 sheets of paper at once, and the printing out of a single page of a Bible at a time.

It’s not just the printed book itself that is a bit different.

“The Bible is a text, not a book,” the article continues, “and as such, it uses different kinds of writing devices.

As such, the Bible can only be produced through the printing and assembly of books of text.”

But the article also goes on, “There are also methods of writing that have been lost in the printing machine age, such as the ‘handwriting’ process.”

And so, while we’re likely to get a new book of the Bible this year, we might not be able to have the same experience next year.

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