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I have been tattooing for many years now and I’m always looking for new ways to try out new printing techniques.

This time I was inspired to try printing a tattoo on my cheek, so I started off by creating a blank canvas on which to start. 

I had already done some printing before but not the level of detail I needed to print a tattoo.

I also decided to use the cheap plastic needle I had lying around as a template.

This way I could quickly and easily add the details I wanted.

I chose the most obvious option to add a black stripe. 

Once I had the template, I used the Pencil Tool to paint the template on my hand. 

Using the Pen Tool to create a template on your hand is really easy, but I found it easier to use my finger to create the outline of the tattoo on the template. 

The ink on my skin was also added using the Pen Tools and a pen.

The ink is drawn through the template and creates a gradient. 

Next I needed some detail to add to the tattoo.

Using the Pen tool, I added a dark line that looks like a cross on the tattoo template.

Then I used my Finger tool to create some thin lines on the ink on the skin. 

After that I used a Pencil tool to add some more lines to the ink. 

Now it was time to create my own tattoo. 

Here’s how it looks when I tattoo it. 

Ink on skin.

 You can see the ink was already there but I didn’t add any detail.

I only added a small dot on my ink, a little black line, and a little line of black dots to fill in the space. 

At this point, I could already see how it would look on my face.

I used Photoshop to add my skin tone.

I painted a black line over the skin and then I added some darker lines and black dots. 

This time I didn.

I just added a little darker shading. 

That’s why the tattoo was so dark. 

A little more shading added a bit of depth to the skin tone on my tattoo.

You can see in the below photo that I had a little bit of black lines and some black dots in the tattoo, but not enough to really give the tattoo any depth. 

Then I took the pen and added some more shading on the black line and added more black dots on top of that. 

As you can see, I wanted to add depth and contrast to the color of my skin.

I added more shading and black lines to make the tattoo even more striking. 

You’ll notice in the photo below that the skin tones of the black skin tones have darker pigmentation. 

It is possible to create very dark skin tones using the dark ink and darker pigments in Photoshop. 

To make the black ink more visible, I created a black circle around the tattoo and used a pencil to highlight that.

After I added this black circle, I made a black dot at the center of the circle and then added a white dot at its edge. 

When I applied the white dot, I placed the black circle at the top of the ink so that the black dot looked more pronounced. 

Finally, I applied a white shadow over the tattoo to create more of a contrast. 

Below is what the finished tattoo looks like. 

 I hope you enjoy this tutorial on how to create your own tattoo on your face. 

Happy Tattooing!

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