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A quick and dirty method for printing NHL business cards from your favorite digital printer.

If you’ve been living under a rock, this is a very easy way to print business cards that don’t require a ton of paper. 

You’ll need: a printer (or use any other electronic printer that allows you to print out your cards) a paper cutter (I used a cheap one) a scanner (I use a free one) some ink (I chose a cheap, generic type) some paper (I like to get a bit of paper in front of the printer to make it easier to cut out the cards) your favorite card holder or paper cutter You’ll also need a few extra things: a paperclip for opening the card (or any other card holder) a few paperclips to make your cards easier to remove from the card holder (you’ll need to cut the card out on a cutting board) scissors to trim the edges of your cards (I did a little experimenting to find the best scissors for my cards) A good, solid printer will also do the trick. 

If you don’t already have one, I recommend getting a cheap cheap printer, like this one from Amazon.

If not, you can always find cheap cheap printers online. 

Start by selecting the correct type of printer you want to print your cards with.

If your printer doesn’t have a ton or anything of fancy features, like a paper tray or an optical view of the card, then go ahead and print out the card and put it on the printer. 

Once the card is printed, you’ll have a lot of paper to trim. 

To trim, just fold the paper back over itself a little bit. 

This is important, because the extra paper will allow the card to be easily removed from the printer and replaced. 

Now, with the card completely out of the way, you’re ready to get started! 

The best way to remove the cards is to fold them back in half, and then cut them out.

You should have a pretty nice, sharp edge, so you can trim it easily. 

For this tutorial, I used a very basic cutter, so I didn’t have to worry too much about the sharp edge. 

As you trim the cards, be careful not to cut into the card itself, which is the most difficult part of the process. 

Next, you should fold the cards in half again. 

Again, fold them in half. 

These should look something like this: Now you should have four pieces of card in your hand. 

Cut each piece of card into four pieces. 

When you’ve finished, trim the edge.

If it looks like it has a little more room to spare, trim it a bit more. 

Finally, trim and fold in the remaining cards. 

Do not cut into any of the cards.

You want to make sure they’re nice and even. 

Your card should now look like this. 

Here you can see where the sharp edges are. 

Use your scanner to scan your cards, and you should now have a nice, crisp card. 

I printed mine out with this printer, and it was just as easy as a paper cut. 

There are a couple of other cards I printed from this printer that were a bit flimsy, so if you can find a cheap scanner that works with your printer, that’s great too. 

 You can download this print to print from your phone, or you can download it as a PDF to print on your computer. 

Be sure to check out the tutorial on how to print the cards from the cards you bought. 

Happy printing!

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