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By Alex VucicettiIn a first for football, a team from the city of Bologna has been able to print footballs with the help of a new Python 3 program called ZebraPrint.

The program allows users to print with a laser printer in just minutes.

Zebra prints are the standard for footballs used in Italy, and are used in the first half of the 2015/16 Serie A season, the Italian Football Association (FIGC) said in a press release.

It’s an important step, but we are not at the stage of printing footballs yet, according to the FIGC.

To print with Zebra you have to know Python 3, and the only way to get started is by downloading it.

ZebraPrint works by scanning a picture and then applying the program’s automatic algorithm to convert it into a high resolution JPEG image.

This is then processed by the program to create the full-size image.

Zabprint, which stands for Zebra Print, has a few other features, including its ability to print from multiple files, and its ability be downloaded from the FIGA website.

The process is easy to follow.

Simply download the Python 3 package, unzip it, and launch it.

You can then run Zebraprint from the Python menu, which will take you to the program settings menu.

Once you’ve selected Zebra and have entered the correct settings, Zebra will print from the source image.

After you’ve printed a football from Zebra, you can save it to your desktop, print it, or save it as a PDF.

If you want to print a specific piece of a team’s jersey, simply select that jersey and the program will show you the details.

If you’ve got an Android device and want to create a Zebra print using your own design, you’ll need to download the Zebra app for the Android OS.

The Zebra program is still a proof-of-concept, so there are a few more things to come, such as a support for higher resolution printing.

For now, Zabprint and Zebra are the only Zebra-based printing applications for football in Italy.

The full release notes for Zabprints and Zebprints can be found on the FIGCA website, and we’re expecting to see Zebra printed jerseys at some point.

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