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The American Conservatives are proud to offer a free printable 3D printed business card, for your business to give to prospective clients or business partners.

The card features 3D scans of your business logo, company name and phone number, along with some business information such as salary, location, number of employees and more.

The card comes in a white box and is printed on high quality PLA filament.

The cards cost $10 and $15 respectively.

The printable card is available in all sizes and has been designed to work on any printer with a 3D printing service.

The printer also comes with an app for printing.

The American Conservative 3D Printing Card is a free download from their website, and is currently available for download for the desktop, tablet and smartphone.

It is also available in an in-store version, where you can print and pay at your convenience.

Check out the full article on The American Conservatory of Printing and Design for more.

Source The AmericanConservative

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