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By Chris Jones and Jessica FagensonA few months ago, a company called TinyPrints decided to give the internet a bad name.

They put up ads in the Huffington Post and Gawker for a printer they claimed could print any color paper.

In the end, the ads were a joke, the company told us.

In fact, TinyPrint has since pulled the ads.

But the company’s new campaign for a cheaper printer, the NanoPrint, isn’t just a marketing stunt.

TinyPrint says it can make more than 50% of what a traditional printer can.

In a statement to TechCrunch, the printer company says the NanoPrinters can print almost any color you can imagine, but only in one of three colors: white, yellow, or black.

This means that if you want to print something in red, black, or yellow, you have to find a color that’s not in the white, or you’ll get a different color on the printer.

The NanoPrinter also lets you customize the colors.

TinyPrinters’ CEO, Joe Dennison, says you can choose the white color that the printer will print in, or the black color that will print it in.

The company says that if the printer is not in black, the black will be printed in white.

The printer will only print white, which is the same color as the paper it’s printed on.

If the printer has black, it will print black.

But you can’t print black on the white printer.

So, what are you waiting for?

The NanoPrins print in black.

And they’re not going to make you an overnight customer.

But the Nanoprinters is a cheap way to print more colors than a traditional color printer can produce, and it’s a way to save even more money.

You can find it at most electronics retailers, and you can order it through the company on Amazon, where you can get a free trial.

The company’s CEO says the price is reasonable.

If you want something that prints white, you’re looking at $50 to $60, so you should pay close attention to the color option.

If that color option turns out to be black, you’ll pay $150 or more, which means that you’ll be able to print black paper for a few dollars more per sheet.

In a statement, TinyPrinter CEO Joe Denton said the NanoPressor is a “smaller printer than many other inexpensive printers, which are usually about $100 to $200, but this smaller size gives you an incredible amount of flexibility to customize colors, and prints up to 70% of a color paper in a single print.”

If you have a printer that you don’t use, and the cost is too high, the cheaper the printer, he said, “you can choose to buy a smaller printer.

You save money.”

We reached out to TinyPrint for comment and will update this story if we hear back.

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