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Here’s how to stream games, highlights, and all the action on your favorite devices using your Roku device or Apple TV.

If you’re interested in getting involved in the Stanley and/or Stanley Cup playoffs, here’s how:1.

Sign up for NHL Live Premium and log in to the NHL app for the first time.2.

Go to NHL Live, where you can sign up to be a free agent, sign with an existing team, or join an existing club.3.

Sign in with your NHL account.4.

Sign into the NHL game by clicking on the link below:The link will take you to a dashboard page that will take your team’s roster and roster details.

Click on the player you want to sign up for.5.

Select the team you want, and follow the instructions to begin signing up.6.

Follow the instructions at the bottom of the screen.


When you’re done signing up, click “Create Account.”

You can now stream the NHL playoffs to your Roku or AppleTV.

For more info on streaming games, please visit NHL.com/live-stream-games.1.1 If you’re a Roku or a Apple TV user, make sure to add the NHL to your device’s settings.

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