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This week, IGN is featuring the worst possible outcomes that we could imagine.

We’ll cover the most outrageous, terrifying, and downright dangerous things that could happen to us, and how we would cope.

In this week’s episode, we talk about the idea of “The Worst Possible Life,” the concept of “badass women,” and the worst case scenarios that could come to pass.

We also discuss what the word “man” means to you, why it makes you angry, and what a great place to live for a person who doesn’t live in the city.

If that’s not bad enough, we’ll also be playing an audio version of the show so you can listen to the show live, via Twitch.

The first episode of The Worst Possible World is now available on Hulu and Amazon Prime Video.

Get your tickets to The Worst Worst Possibleworlds on Hulu or Amazon Prime video now!

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