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RTE News Irish Government says the Irish Language Guide is essential in Ireland.

The Government is calling for an Irish language to be included in the guide in Irish and is calling on the Irish Council for Ireland to make the change in 2017.

The Irish Language is a part of the Common Language of Ireland.

The Government says that the guide should be in Irish, as it is a core part of our society. 

The guide, published by the Department of Culture, Media and Sport in September 2017, states: ‘The Irish language is a key part of Irish culture and history, and we are committed to promoting Irish in schools and throughout the community.

This guide has been designed to provide a comprehensive guide to the language that has a practical basis in the language.’ 

‘The guide should include the Irish, Welsh and Scottish languages, as well as the Irish and Gaelic languages and dialects.’ 

The Government also wants the Irish Languages Commissioner to review the guide and make changes to ensure it is ‘consistent and effective’.

The document has also called for the publication of an Irish translation of the Irish Guide. 

Irish language has a long and rich history in Ireland and the Irish government has long recognised the importance of it.

The guide is part of that history.

It was published in 1867, and in 1971 it was reissued as a bilingual edition, with a separate Irish language section in the first edition of the guide.

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