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The White House is ordering $2 billion in budget cuts to federal agencies, with $1 billion in discretionary spending.

President Barack Obama signed the orders Friday, as the shutdown threatened to continue indefinitely.

The orders direct the departments of Justice and Energy to stop sending grants to organizations, including hospitals and medical centers, and to stop collecting unemployment benefits.

The departments of Commerce and Homeland Security must also cease collecting unemployment payments.

The White the budget would reduce federal employee salaries, salaries of employees who work at the agency’s offices and agencies, and federal agency reimbursements, to $16,700 per year by 2019.

The Department of Health and Human Services must also make cuts to salaries, wages, benefits and the number of employees it hires.

More: President Obama has issued his first budget request since the shutdown began in October.

Ahead of the signing, White House press secretary Josh Earnest said the White House will make every effort to continue to provide assistance to the federal government.

“It is important for us to provide as much assistance as we can,” Earnest told reporters.

The budget requests include $2 million for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, which administers Medicare, and $2 for the Small Business Administration, which handles small businesses.

In addition, the budget requests $3.8 billion for state and local government programs, including $2,000 for the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, which is a stimulus package that provides funds for public works and for public safety, to be spent within 90 days.

On Monday, Obama said he was “not going to stand idly by while our federal government crumbles.”

“I am going to fight for our future, our economy and our families,” Obama said.

As of Friday, nearly two dozen states had shut down, the vast majority of them because of the shutdown.

In some cases, the state has sought federal aid, but not as a direct result of the government shutdown.

Some states have offered some assistance, including by offering tax breaks to businesses and by providing health insurance for low-income residents.

Also, the White Houses Office of Management and Budget released its long-awaited budget request Friday, which was not the full measure.

It contains $15 billion for the State Department, $2 trillion for the U.S. Postal Service and $5 billion for Amtrak.

Among the programs that are included in the $15 trillion budget request are $1.2 billion for border security, $1 trillion for climate change adaptation, $700 billion for research and development and $500 billion for infrastructure spending.

For the first time, the president is requesting a major domestic spending package, instead of the roughly $2 and $1 million the government spent during the shutdown, as part of the $5 trillion spending plan, which includes about $2 in unemployment insurance.

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