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The Canadian government has announced $500,000 to help Canadian businesses develop print technology to reduce printing and ink consumption.

The Government of Canada’s Technology Strategy announced Wednesday that Ottawa will provide $500 million to help Canada’s print industry with new printing technologies and services, including a new print printer, software for print-to-print and software for ink-to, as well as support for printing technology development.

“The goal is to create a secure, reliable and scalable digital print service that is widely available and affordable,” Minister of State for Technology and Innovation, Science and Innovation Dominic LeBlanc, said in a statement.

“We are making this investment because Canadians want a secure digital print and ink service, while at the same time being confident that Canadians will have the access to the right tools for their business needs.”

The funding will be used to support businesses that are looking to upgrade their print-on-demand and print-at-home printing services, and to develop new technologies and solutions to address the challenges posed by printing on the web.

“Printing on the Web is a rapidly evolving technology, with the printing industry now responsible for over 70 per cent of all new business digital revenue,” LeBlanc said.

“This funding will help support Canada’s printing industry as they continue to develop cutting-edge technologies and tools to help meet the needs of their customers.”

The government said that it is also committed to supporting print-based services in a number of other areas, including cloud-based printing, e-commerce and content delivery networks.

The announcement comes as Canada continues to grapple with a wave of digital ink shortages that has led to the closure of hundreds of businesses and shuttered thousands of jobs.

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