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A lot of the story of the final three games of the Mario franchise has been told through the years.

But a new book published by Random House has a new twist: It tells the whole story through the eyes of a child.

In ‘Super Mice & Monsters: The Complete Story’, author Mark Schaffner tells the story through five short clips from the film “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”.

It starts off in a park in Japan where a child named Eiko asks Mario what he would do if he had to go back to his childhood.

He says he would go to a toy store and play with his friends.

But there’s a problem: Eiko’s not a child at all.

She’s a machine.

She wants to be able to make Mario.

In the film, Mario says he’s not going to tell her anything.

He wants her to make the games, and Eiko is a genius at making games.

She then gives him a small doll, called Mii-Eiko, that she has been collecting.

Mario asks if it’s real, and Mii Eiko says it is.

It’s a small blue Mii doll that Mario has made, and it lives inside the Mii Toy Box.

But Mario can’t make her play the games she wants to play.

She can’t see what she wants.

And Mario can never play her game, either.

The film shows the full extent of Mii Emiko’s mind-boggling powers, and how she’s been able to solve puzzles without even knowing it.

But the film also shows the joy Eiko has in creating games.

For example, in a section of the film when Mii Shigeya is talking about making Mario games, Eiko, who is a girl, says: “I’ll just make a video game!

And I’ll give it to my sister, and she’ll make it for me.”

Mario then explains to Eiko that he wants her help with her games.

But he doesn’t tell her how to make them.

Instead, he explains to Mii Fuyuhiko, a girl who is an old lady, that he will give her a small box full of Mice and Mixels, and he’ll send her a message.

Eiko looks up from her game and says: I’m not going back to my childhood!

And Mii Mii says: Don’t be silly!

That’s why you need to make games!

Mario says: Yeah, I know.

And Mice say: You’ll just have to play your games for me.

Mario then tells Mii Yui, who he says is his niece, that Mario is his brother, and asks her to come and play.

They both play the game “Crocodile”.

Mii Hoshi, who’s Mii Mario’s younger sister, plays a game called “Kong”.

And then, as the film cuts to a short scene in the Mice Toy Box, Mario explains that Mii Peach is his little sister, a doll that he has made.

The story ends with Mario and Eko telling Mario that they’re going to create Mii Princess, Mii Bowser, Mice Princess, and a new game called Mice Land.

But, of course, they don’t know where they are.

A year later, Mario goes to the park in Tokyo where he and Eiki made the Mices.

He finds a Mii Egg and tells it that he created them, but then the Miced start to cry.

He tells them to come back to him, and they do.

They go to the Miehara Toy Shop and Mario tells them that he’ll bring the Mies to him.

The Mies and Mice are delighted.

They tell Mario that he’s the only person they’ll ever want to play with.

And then they go back home.

But not before telling him that he should come back and tell them what happened to him in Japan.

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