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In an exclusive interview with ESPNCricinfo, author and illustrator Mike McInnes shared some of his thoughts on the design of the print for “The Secret Death of the Beasts.”

The print will be printed on fabric, and the image will be a combination of real animal bones and some fabric and some paper.

It will be done with an acrylic printer that will also be used to print on cloth, which McInne said will be used for the cover art and a few of the text in the book.

The print will also include the iconic creature’s image and some details that are only seen in the print.

McInnes said the print will not be the same as the book’s, but it will be similar to the way the print was meant to be seen.

“It’s a bit scary,” he said.

“But it’s also a great way to tell a story.

It’s a lot of fun.”

The cover art will be different from the book, as well, and will feature some of the most iconic features of the creatures that inspired the book and will help create a sense of nostalgia and awe for readers.

McIntyre said he was inspired by the animal print by his son, who has a special affection for the creatures and their designs.

“I love the idea of the beast,” he explained.

“So, I’m going to use the idea to do the print that’s going to be in the new book.”

The book will also have a story of its own, one that will have a lot to do with the book itself.

McIngnes said he wanted the book to be a “portrait of the animal kingdom,” which includes the beasts that populate the books.

“The Beasts are just a huge part of the mythology of the world,” he told ESPNCraig.

“They’re all kind of a part of it.

It is the story of the beasts.”

McInns work has been featured in many different media, including books and magazines, television and film.

He has worked with many different artists, including Jim Jarmusch, James McBride and Terry Gilliam.

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