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The future is bright for Lexmarks printer, which is set to undergo a significant overhaul this year.

It’ll be replaced by a new line of printers, including the first in a brand new line from the UK.

And, according to the company’s CEO, Matt Wilson, the company is also working on its first autonomous printer, a 3D printer that will run on a “smart” platform that can do things like autonomously create prototypes.

Wilson told Polygon that the company wants to be able to automate its printers, but “there’s no need to build a new one.

It’s just a matter of time.”

He added that “we’re also going to be building a robot, because we’re not in the business of selling machines.”

While the company hasn’t announced any specific timelines for the rollout, Wilson said he’d be happy to announce “a little bit more” in the next two months.

He’s also working with companies to build new robots that will eventually replace the current Lexmark printers, and that’s something he’s also excited about.

“There’s a lot of interest in building robots, and we’re just excited to get them up and running, and hopefully the rest of the world will also follow suit,” Wilson said.

He said that “people are looking at the technology as a tool for doing things that are more productive, and it’s a very exciting time for robotics.”

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