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The first step to getting a printable t shirt is finding the right printable, a process that can take several hours.

“I’d suggest you go online and look at a couple of printable shirts, and see how you can do it, or at least compare it to some other shirt you have,” said Brian Cottam, who founded The Printables in 2008.

“You can start from scratch, if you’re looking for a print that’s really good.”

For the most part, it takes about two hours to print a shirt, which Cottams says can be used for a lot of different projects.

The biggest challenge, he says, is the amount of ink you need.

“A lot of the times, if they’re too small, the ink just doesn’t print, but it doesn’t have to,” he said.

“If you print a large printable and you get too much ink, you can still use the shirt for a project, but the ink doesn’t get used.

So if you print it with the right amount of paint and then use it on the shirt, it’ll probably last longer than if you just used it on a piece of paper.”

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