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3D printers are the next step for the 3D printer revolution, but there are still a few obstacles before it’s widely used.

In an interview with The Jerusalem Report, Jadab Aliyev, CEO of 3D-printing platform Stratasys, said that while 3D manufacturing is not yet available in the United Kingdom, there are plans for it to be used for a variety of applications in the future.

“We see 3D scanning as a solution to a lot of problems, not only in manufacturing but in everything, from healthcare to education,” he told The Jerusalem Review.

“It can be used in everything from medical imaging to manufacturing.

It is also the ideal tool for 3D prototyping.

3D printers can also be used to create 3D printed prototypes.

And 3D scanners can also allow 3D imaging and 3D production.”

Currently, Stratasies is the only 3D company that sells the printer in the U.K., with plans to expand its U.S. business and expand its product line.

Aliyev said Stratasics plans to use Stratasie’s 3D scanner in a number of products, including the Stratasius 360, a printer that uses a digital camera and 3-D printing technology to create a customized, high-end 3D object.

“In the near future, we will be able to bring that scanner to the United States as well,” Aliyeva said.

“We will be providing a service for customers, and we will provide an application that will allow users to take that scanner and create objects.”

However, Stratisys will also be working on a scanner that will help 3D designers, such as students and engineers, make 3D designs from scratch.

Alayev said that the company is also exploring the possibilities of integrating the Stratisius 360 scanner into its own line of 3-d printers.

“There are certain challenges that we’re facing right now in the manufacturing industry,” Alayev explained.

“But we have been working for many years to solve those challenges, and now we’re seeing a very significant improvement.

I would like to think that there is a lot that we can do with the Stratius 360.

We can get a lot out of it.”

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