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The term “print shop” comes up a lot these days in relation to online retail, with print shops offering an alternative to Amazon or eBay for those who prefer a physical store for the majority of their purchases.

But what about the print shop where you can pick up your prints online?

That’s exactly what a new print shop called Botanical Prints is trying to create.

The company, which has its headquarters in Boston, is part of a larger movement in print shops to create a virtual printing space that’s as good or better than the physical ones.

The company says its technology allows the user to buy printed items directly from the company’s website, while allowing them to order prints and order prints at the same time.

The idea is to take print shops that are trying to stay online, and make them more like brick-and-mortar shops.

Botanical Print has an app on Android that allows users to buy prints directly from their app, or to order printed items from a selection of print shops in their local area.

You can also purchase prints from their website for $2.99 or print-outs of prints at 50 percent off, $25, or $75.

You can even order prints directly on the app from a local print shop if you choose to, the company said in a statement.

If that’s too expensive for you, Botanical is offering a discounted $15 service to anyone who purchases a print of any size or color from its website.

That service allows you to order up to 10 prints at a time for $25.

The service also allows users the option of making their own prints at home with their own equipment, or printing directly on their computer.

There are also prints for sale on the Botanical website, including a large-format print of a painting by the artist Charles-Henri Lumière, which costs $3,000 and will ship to customers in the US.

There are also three print shops where customers can purchase prints of any color or size for $1,000 or up to $1 million, the service said.

The print shop itself is powered by a botanist, which uses “digital ink,” which means the ink on the prints comes from a natural plant and is not synthetic.

Botanical’s founder, David Emsley, says that means it’s more environmentally friendly than other methods of creating prints, including using a water-based ink, which can cause the ink to become contaminated.

The botanists that work at Botanical say that their prints are more natural than other kinds of prints.

“They’re all natural, they’re all organic,” Emsleys said.

“If you had a plant, it would have been very hard to create an ink that would be a good, clean alternative.”

The company is hoping that its service will help it reach customers who don’t typically buy prints from online retailers.

The service is still in its early days, and it hasn’t even opened a physical location yet.

But Emskins said the service could soon be rolling out in more locations.

“We’re not saying it’s going to be this thing that you can’t find on the Internet, but we’re definitely trying to reach the mainstream,” Ementsley said.

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