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The NBA has a history of having its printouts come out of an NBA player’s mouth.

It happened again this season when the Houston Rockets played the Miami Heat.

The first time the game went into print, the photo was taken from LeBron James’ mouth, which made for a funny picture.

The NBA also had the printouts appear to be from an individual player, which was the only time it did that in the past two seasons.

In the past, the league also printed photos of its player on the back of jerseys, but those photos were made to look like the player was playing.

Now, if the NBA decides to change the way it handles these photos, it’ll have to go to the printout machine and have it made from a different player.

The change will require a lot of creative thinking, because the NBA hasn’t done anything like that before.

It also will require some additional equipment, as the league has to have more cameras and a higher-resolution printer.

The new photo printer will have to be more accurate and have a more reliable process.

This could be difficult because players and the media have a tendency to have different expectations about how their pictures should be taken.

There are also the questions about whether the NBA can print these photos in print, which could create a conflict between players and their fans.

The league has a long history of printing its players’ faces on jerseys and other merchandise.

This is a tradition dating back to the NBA’s inception.

It has a number of benefits, including reducing production costs for the league.

But it also means the league can print photos of players without having to go through an image lab to do the job.

The photos have become so popular that the NBA has started printing its player images on crosstalk posters and other types of merchandise.

But the NBA isn’t the only league with a printout problem.

There have been other times when players have struggled to get their face images onto printouts.

In recent years, the Los Angeles Lakers have had some trouble getting their players’ face images on their shirts.

They have used a print to represent a player’s face on the front of their shirts and the back.

This has made it hard for fans to know where their players are standing on the court, so fans have resorted to asking the player to pose for them.

This happened during the 2013-14 season when Kobe Bryant was sidelined with an injury.

The Lakers also had a problem with how their players were portrayed on the NBA Network’s “The Players’ Tribune.”

Players were asked to pose on the camera with their hands raised and their mouths closed.

That’s when the cameras started to malfunction, making it difficult to see the players’ heads and shoulders, as well as their arms and legs.

This was a big problem for the Lakers, as fans didn’t understand why their players would have their faces obscured.

After the cameras went back online, the Lakers returned to the printing process.

The photo prints are still on the backs of jerseys but are now printed on a slightly different printer, which is more accurate.

The printouts are printed with a lower resolution and have an extra layer of dust on them, which makes them more difficult to clean off and identify.

These photos will need to be retooled if the league decides to print new photos of a player.

This will require several more iterations before the league is ready to change how it handles the photos.

This article originally appeared on ESPN The Magazine.

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