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Google News article Google has started printing 3D-printed houses in the United States.

The company is using the technology to create 3D houses that can be assembled from plastic.

The first houses were built for a project called 3D Homes that went on for several months in 2015.

The houses are about 4 feet (1 meter) wide and are made from ABS plastic, but there is also plastic made of metal and wood.

Google also said that it plans to produce more 3D printed houses in 2017. 

The 3D printing of houses was a big idea when Google announced it would be printing houses.

The plan was to print the houses on a special printer that could create 3-D printed house.

Google is not the only company to use 3D printers to make houses.

Microsoft is making 3D models of houses in its offices and the 3D printer that Microsoft is using to make those models was printed by 3D Systems.

Google said the first house was made in late 2015 in China.

Google will print another 3D house, this time in the US, with the same printer, this fall.

Google is hoping that its printing the houses will make it easier for homeowners to build houses.

Google has partnered with MakerBot to print parts for the houses and MakerBot will provide software that will make 3D print houses and build them on the company’s website. 

Google said that the houses are made using a 3D scanner that is able to produce 3D prints in a very quick manner.

MakerBot is currently the only 3D technology company making 3-dimensional printers.

Google and Makerbot are also working together on a program called 3DS.

This program lets people print objects on 3D 3D scanners.

Makerbot is a maker of 3- and 4-D printers, which allows people to make 3- or 4-dimensional models.

MakerBots have a lot of competition in the 3-to-5-dimensional market.

The MakerBot Replicator 3D is a $3,000, 3D modeler, which is currently on sale. 

3D printers have become a huge part of Google’s future.

Google plans to start printing houses with Makerbots soon, as well. 

This post has been updated with Google’s comment about the new 3D design.

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