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There’s no such thing as a perfect ink.

The best ink for printing a t-shirt, for instance, may not be the same as the best ink you can find on your local store’s website.

But the ink has to be able to print at a high enough resolution to fit comfortably in a turtleneck.

To achieve this, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 most widely used and best-performing ink types, based on our lab tests, on-the-ground tests and field testing.

Here’s what you need to know: 10.

Water-based ink: Most ink is water-based.

The reason is that water absorbs the ink and creates a stronger bond between the ink’s molecules, making it easier to print on fabrics.

Water ink has been used for decades to print shirts, hoodies, scarves and many other clothing items.

Inks that contain water can also be used to create prints that are easier to clean, and are less likely to damage clothing.


Liquid-based: Liquid- based ink can be water- and ink-based, or both.

It’s often used to print onto a fabric, as a substitute for cotton.

Liquid ink can also give a more textured look to clothing.

Liquid and water ink both require the same amount of water to create, and the two materials work very well together to print well.

Liquid is better for fabrics, and it’s easier to use because you don’t have to keep your finger on the button to stop the ink.

Liquid makes a print better, too.

If you’re printing on a fabric that’s prone to tearing, it’s best to use liquid ink because the ink can help the fabric heal better.


Spongy ink: Sponges are a natural product that absorb water and create a stronger ink bond.

However, sponges have a tendency to become cloudy or streaky.

This can cause problems for prints and prints that can be difficult to clean.

Spooly ink works better for printing on fabrics, so it’s the better choice for those with a lot of fabric to print with.


Silicone ink: Silicone is a liquid that dries out and then hardens to a solid, making a waterproof ink.

Silicones have been used in printmaking for years, but it’s still fairly new.

It works well on prints, but they tend to be a little harder to clean than other types of ink.


Silo-based Ink: Silo ink is a sponge-like material that drips onto fabric.

Silos are water-resistant and are a good choice for prints because they don’t break down over time.

They’re also less prone to cracking, so they’re a good option for prints on fabric.

They tend to have a higher ink density than other ink types.

Siloing works well for prints, so if you’re planning on printing on your own fabric, then you’ll need to choose a silo ink that is a good match to your printer.


Ink-on-board ink: Ink- on-board is an ink-jet ink that driks onto fabric and then prints on it.

It has a lower ink content than silo-type ink, and its prints are much easier to keep clean.

Ink on board is best used on fabrics that have been previously washed and dried, and will be easier to remove than other kinds of ink, as well.

Ink ink prints are generally better than those using silo, but not always the best option.


Soft-edged ink: Soft-edge ink is an abrasive ink that prints with a softer, rougher feel than other soft-edged methods.

It is often used on clothing, for shirts and hoodies.

Soft edges work well on shirts, but can cause wrinkles and chafing, so avoid it if you print on clothing.


Silky-edged Ink: Soft, silky-edge is a type of ink that has a slightly soft, soft-woven feel.

It prints well on fabrics and is a great choice for garments that need to be printed with a little bit of a roughness to them.

Silk-edged, on the other hand, is usually used on shirts.

Silks have a high ink density and they tend more to be easier for prints to clean and dry.

Silken, on it’s own, is a superior option for printed items, but if you plan on printing your own clothing, then Silks are best suited to print prints on your clothes.


Inkjet ink: Some inkjet ink is designed to use a different type of material to print a print.

This ink is generally made with a combination of silicones and other ingredients, and can be quite difficult to print.

We like inkjet, because it’s easy to clean up, and you can print with it if it’s too thick. Ink

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