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It has been an interesting year for India’s politics, as a slew of important national and international issues have come to a head.

First, the Supreme Court ordered a CBI investigation into the death of former Bihar chief minister Lalu Prasad Yadav.

Then, a Congress candidate was convicted of raping a woman in Bihar.

The next day, a group of Indian Muslims staged a protest outside the Delhi Parliament, chanting “Muslims, India’s democracy”.

On Friday, a controversial law, the Anti-Terrorism Act, was passed that criminalises speech that incites violence.

A day later, an attack on a police station in Uttar Pradesh left one policeman dead.

It was a tumultuous year, but also a tumultuous time for India.

And, for some, it was also a turning point.

Which country is the biggest?

What is the Indian political system?

And which country has the most powerful leader?

We asked the experts to pick a winner.

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