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3D printed gun clip art is now a reality, and you can now purchase a new kind of ink cartridge from a printer company called “Pencils”.

Pencil’s cartridges are made from a unique material called “sulfuric acid” that is made from the “vapor condensation” from burning wood.

The ink is then injected into the ink cartridge and “burned” to make a new, stronger, and more vibrant ink.

The company’s ink cartridges come in two flavors: the basic “pow” ink and a “printer” ink cartridge.

The basic cartridge comes in both black and white ink, while the printer ink cartridge comes only in white ink.

Both cartridges have a plastic base with a metal ring on top.

Pencils are currently offering a range of cartridges from $39.99, with the “printers” cartridge costing $29.99.

It’s unclear what’s in the printer cartridges, but we’ve reached out to Pencil for clarification.

We will update this article as more details become available.

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